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Pierluigi Paganini November 08, 2015

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! Every week the best security articles from the best sources free for you in your email box.

Hackers have accessed details of 1,827 Vodafone customers
How to steal Jaguar XFR cars in 60 seconds by hacking them
Allegations of ISIS involvement in Flight 7K9268 crash not reliable
Britain to Unveil New Online Spying Laws
Criminals behind CryptoWall 3.0 Made $325 Million
Third suspect arrested in connection with the TalkTalk breach
Flaws in ATMs of a German Bank open the doors to cyber attacks
CISA Passes Senate, criticism about privacy and security
Flaw in SAP Firms XSS Filter Exposed Many Sites to Attacks
UK-US Cyberattack Simulation On Finance Sector Set For This Month
Latest EMET Bypass Targets WoW64 Windows Subsystem
How do you anonymize personal databases and protect peoples privacy – over to you, NIST
Kim Dotcoms Decentralized Internet — For You, Powered By You
Hackers win $1 million bounty for iOS 9 remote hack
The official website of the popular vBulletin forum has been hacked
Windows Subsystem Used to Bypass Microsoft EMET
Kaspersky DDoS Intelligence Report Q3 2015
East European botnet targets Russian banks
Top Russian Banks, Payment Service Providers Targeted By Tinba
Google Project Zero Turns Over 11 Bugs in Galaxy S6 Edge
Updated XcodeGhost Adds iOS9 Support
Google Researchers Find Serious Flaws in Galaxy S6 Edge
Chimera, a new strain of ransomware in the wild
Google researchers poke holes in Galaxy S6 Edge, show OEMs add risky code
Met makes fourth TalkTalk arrest, this time a London teen
Goldman Sachs Dumps $35 Million Into Cybersecurity Startup
Anonymous says anonymous KKK dump wasnt from Anonymous
XSS vuln found in Ciscos social support software
vBulletin password hack fuels fears of serious Internet-wide 0-day attacks
#opKKK Anonymous denied involvement in recent leak
Project Zero Experts Found critical flaws in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Chinese Mobile Ad Library Backdoored to Spy on iOS Devices
GovRAT, the malware-signing-as-a-service platform in the underground
Tinba Banking Trojan Targets Russia
UKs super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping
Shuanet Adware Rooting Android Devices Via Trojanized Apps
GCHQ smart collection would protect MPs from spies, says NSA expert
CryptoWall 4.0 Released with a New Look and Several New Features
Microsoft may join Mozilla and retire SHA-1 in 2016
Drone Detection As The New IDS
Cracka hackers who doxed CIA Chief, not hit the FBI Deputy Director
Trojanized adware: already infected more than 20,000 Android Apps
Offline Ransomware is spreading among Russian users
Cisco Patches Serious Flaws in Security, Wireless Appliances
Mabouia: The first ransomware in the world targeting MAC OS X
vBulletin security patches and zero-day exploit available online
Vulnerable Coffee Machine Demonstrates Brewing Security Challenges Of IoT
Cracka hackers who doxed CIA Chief, now hit the FBI Deputy Director
OpKKK – Anonymous leaks data of 1000 KKK alleged members
OmniRat RAT is currently being used by criminals in the wild
Cox to pay $595,000 for Lizard Squad data breach
ProtonMail paid a $6000 Ransom to stop DDoS Attacks
Malware Distribution Peaked on Fridays During Q3 2015: Report
Swedbank smacked by DDoS attack
Linux ransomware already infected at least tens of users
Cracka hackers doxed more than 2,000 Government employees
The German Intelligence Systematically Spied on Allies

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