“The ad by Black Death Group – which refers to victims as “merchandise” – also features a series of horrifying promises about the women they traffic and a list of the woman’s personal details – including her dimensions.” continues The Mirror.

Black Death

A letter from the group which explains how the model was treated with “huge generosity” in being released (Image: Splash News)

The Black Death claims they can “kidnap a specific target for your needs” and assure free “EU delivery” of victims.

In 2015, the journalist Joseph Cox tried to infiltrate the group, he tried to buy a girl called ‘Nicole’ being advertised on their site.

Joseph discovered a link to Black Death website on the social media site Reddit, he emailed the group stating he was “interested in the girl”, adding he “wanted to see more photos first.”

Cox said the Black Death group replied with “Do not contact us just to ask questions”, followed up with “Who are you, how do you know about is? Who recommended us?” Cox received a list of detailed instructions for an online auction of girls in which he could view a live stream of them.

“After requesting to see the girls without offering any upfront payments, Joseph’s access was denied.”

The group continuously changes the address of their website in the dark web, according to Cox in the short time after he contacted Black Death, another girl was added to their website.

The crooks started a bid of $180,000, they included the high-quality images of the victims. The images contained no pieces of metadata, and a reverse image search did not return any results.

An adviser to from the National Crime Agency’s UK Human Trafficking Centre told Joseph Cox: “The dark web is not somewhere we can pick up a lot of stuff from.”

The adviser highlighted that there were a number of obvious differences between Black Death and other organized human trafficking groups selling men and women online.

Investigation is still ongoing in Italy, Poland, and UK.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Black Death, Dark Web)