Pierluigi Paganini October 24, 2013
Android Wroba banking trojan targeted Korean users

The Antivirus vendor Malwarebytes revealed that the Wroba banking trojan distributed via file sharing sites and alternative markets targeted Korean users. Today I presented at Cyber Threat Summit 2013 the topic “Modern online-banking cybercrime” and just a few hours after it is appeared the new Android banking Trojan targeting Korean banks. The number of malware […]

Pierluigi Paganini October 09, 2013
2013 Norton Report, the impact of cybercrime according Symantec

Symantec issued 2013 Norton Report, the annual research study which examines the consumers’ online behaviors, the dangers and financial cost of cybercrime. Symantec has released the 2013 Norton Report, the annual study of evolution of principal cyber threats in the security landscape. The study presented concerning results on the constant growth of cyber criminal activities. The 2013 […]

Pierluigi Paganini September 11, 2013
Group-IB Threat Intelligence Report 2012–2013 H1, a must read

Group-IB Threat Intelligence Report 2012–2013 H1 is an excellent analysis on the state and dynamics of today’s market of computer crimes and cyber threats. Group-IB has recently issued an interesting report titled “Group-IB Threat Intelligence Report 2012 – 2013 H1” on the state and dynamics of today’s market of computer crimes and current cyber threats […]

Pierluigi Paganini September 10, 2013
A look to Android offer in the underground mobile market

Security experts continues to observe the evolution of the offer of services and malicious software for fraudsters in the Android underground mobile market. In the last months security firms have observed an increase in criminal activities that exploited Android OS supported by the proactive evolution of the offerings in the underground mobile market. Dancho Danchev is considered one of most accredited experts of […]

Pierluigi Paganini September 05, 2013
Man In The Browser attacks scare banking world

The majority of financial service professionals considers Man In The Browser as the greatest threat to online banking, cybercrime increases its use. Man In The Browser attack, DDoS attacks, phishing are most insidious cyber threats against banking institutions. Last statistics proposed by principal security firms confirm that online banking is considered a lucrative business for […]

Pierluigi Paganini July 30, 2013
Credit Card Redirection, the evolution of phishing

Researchers at Securi discover Credit Card Redirection attack technique to hijack credit card data during transactions on e-commerce sites. With the term credit card redirection is indicated the illegal practice to steal credit and debit card information compromising legitimate web services. Security experts are observing an increase of credit card redirection cases, cyber criminals are varying their […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 18, 2013
Zeus Trojan steals funds and recruits Money Mules

Security firm Trusteer detected a new variant of Zeus Trojan that steals funds and recruits Money Mules proposing jobs ads to the victims using Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) techniques. Zeus Trojan is becoming even more complex, its evolution is unpredictable due to the intense activity in the underground on its source code. Various forums in the underground offer customization […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 09, 2013
Profiling the offer in criminal underground

Periodic analysis of the evolution of the offer in the underground criminal thanks to the efforts of experts such as Dancho Danchev. The offer of cyber criminals in the underground is very dynamic and articulated and its observation is a privileged point of view for better understand how evolve cyber threats. Recently we have spoken […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 03, 2013
Senior management considered a primary target by modern cybercrime

According to a recent research of Group-IB on cybercrime senior management is considered among most privileged targets. Group-IB is one of the leading companies in fraud prevention, cybercrime and high-tech crime investigations, it is IMPACT-ITU member and one of most active firms in the analysis if cyber criminal phenomena. The firm reported that cyber criminals use personal and confidential data of […]

Pierluigi Paganini June 01, 2013
Liberty Reserve suspension and impact on criminal underground

Private currency exchange system Liberty Reserve was shut down by US law enforcement, it is considered most popular payment system by cyber criminals. Liberty Reserve is a private currency exchange system issued by Liberty Reserve S.A. Of San JosĂ©, Costa Rica that was shut down by US law enforcement with a deep impact on cybercriminal underground. The […]