Tianfu Cup 2019 – 11 teams earned a total of 545,000 for their Zero-Day Exploits

Pierluigi Paganini November 18, 2019

The Tianfu Cup 2019 International Cyber ​​Security Competition is ended and white hat hackers have earned $545,000 for working zero-day exploits.

During Day 1 of the Tianfu Cup 2019 contest 13 hacking attempts out of a total of 32 were successful, 13 attempts failed and in 12 cases the researchers abandoned the attempts. Now that the competition is ended, let’s see what has happened during the two days.

White hat hackers have attempted to test their exploits on targeting VMware, Microsoft, Google, Apple, D-Link, and Adobe products and earned a total of $545,000 for working zero-day exploits.

Researcher @xiaowei from the 360Vulcan team received the highest reward ($200,000) for a working exploit for the VMware vSphere ESXi product that allowed them to escape from the guest virtual machine to the host.

The 360Vulcan team won the competition and received a total of $382,500 for their exploits, the second place was assigned to the ddd Team that earned a total of $83,750 for exploits targeting Edge, Chrome, Adobe Reader, and D-Link routers.

The participants belonging to 11 teams made 20 successful attempts against eight products, which earned them a total of $545,000. Last year, white hat hackers earned more than $1 million for zero-day exploits disclosed during the first edition of the Tianfu Cup PWN competition.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – Tianfu Cup 2019, hacking)

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