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Pierluigi Paganini June 02, 2019

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

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Police seized Bestmixer, the mixing service washed at least $200 million in a year
Remarks on NATO and its approach to the cyber offensive
Sectigo says that most of certificates reported by Chronicle analysis were already revoked
BlueKeep scans observed from exclusively Tor exit nodes
Crooks leverages .htaccess injector on Joomla and WordPress sites for malicious redirects
First American Financial exposed 16 years worth of personal and financial documents
Hacker breached Perceptics, a US maker of license plate readers
APT10 is back with two new loaders and new versions of known payloads
DuckDuckGo Address Bar Spoofing
Internet scans found nearly one million systems vulnerable to BlueKeep
Shade Ransomware is very active outside of Russia and targets more English-speaking victims
Siemens Healthineers medical products vulnerable to Windows BlueKeep flaw
All Docker versions affected by an unpatched race condition issue
Google white hat hacker found code execution flaw in Notepad
HawkEye Keylogger is involved in attacks against business users
News aggregator Flipboard disclosed a data breach
TA505 is expanding its operations
Using Public Wi-Fi? Your data can be hacked easily! Heres How…
Checkers double drive-thru restaurants chain discloses card breach
Convert Plus WordPress plugin flaw allows hackers to create Admin accounts
Emissary Panda APT group hit Government Organizations in the Middle East
Nansh0u campaign already infected 50,000 MS-SQL and PHPMyAdmin Servers
VPNpro research: this Chinese-linked company secretly owns 10 VPNs with 86 million installs
0patch released micropatch for BearLPE Zero-Day flaw in Windows 10 Task Scheduler
HiddenWasp, a sophisticated Linux malware borroes from Mirai and Azazel
Microsoft warns for the second time of applying BlueKeep patch
Security expert shows how to bypass macOS Gatekeeper
The Pyramid Hotel Group data leak exposes 85GB of security logs of major hotel chains
Apple updates address SQLite, WebKit issues in iTunes and iCloud for Windows
Cryptojacking campaign uses Shodan to scan for Docker hosts to hack
GandCrab operators are shutting down their operations
Russian military plans to replace Windows with Astra Linux

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Pierluigi Paganini

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