Hacker breached Perceptics, a US maker of license plate readers

Pierluigi Paganini May 27, 2019

Perceptics, a maker of vehicle license plate scanning solutions used in the US, has been hacked, attackers stole data and offered for free on the dark web.

Perceptics is a leader in license plate readers (LPRs), license plate recognition systems and vehicle identification products. The company was hacked and attackers stole data and offered business plans, financial documents, and personal information for free on the dark web.

LPRs manufactured by Perceptics are installed at all land border crossing lanes for privately owned vehicle traffic (POV) in the United States, Canada, and for the most critical lanes in Mexico.

Last week, a hacker that goes online with the moniker ‘Boris Bullet-Dodger’ reported the hack to The Register and showing it a list of files as proof of the attack.

perceptics hack files 2

The hacker stole hundreds of gigabytes of files along with Microsoft Exchange and Access databases, ERP databases, HR records, and Microsoft SQL Server data stores.

The name ‘Boris’ is not new for the cyber security industry, it is the name of the hacker who breached the IT provider CityComp at the end of April.

Stolen data include some databases and company documents.

“The file names and accompanying directories – numbering almost 65,000 – fit with the focus of the surveillance technology biz.” reads the post published by El Reg. “They include .xlsx files named for locations and zip codes, .jpg files with names that refer to “driver” and “scene,” .docx files associated with presumed government clients like ICE, and date-and-time stamped .jpgs and .mp4 files.”

Perceptics confirmed the incident and reported it to the authorities, the company did not provide technical details about the hack.

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Pierluigi Paganini

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