Security Affairs newsletter Round 143 – News of the week

Pierluigi Paganini December 31, 2017

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

Once again thank you!

·      Experts from Bleeping Computer spotted a new Cryptomix Ransomware variant
·      Facebooks photo tagging system now looks for users in photos theyre not tagged in
·      Financially motivated attacks reveal the interests of the Lazarus APT Group
·      Experts discovered a flaw in GoAhead that affects hundreds of thousands IoT devices
·      Schneider Electric Patches Flaws in Pelco VideoXpert Enterprise product
·      ATMs operated by a Russian Bank could be hacked by pressing five times the ‘Shift key
·      The spike in Bitcoin price is making it a less useful payment method in the cybercrime underground
·      Three fake Bitcoin wallet apps were removed from the official Google Play
·      For the second year in a row, 123456 was the top password found in data dumps in 2017
·      Mozilla patches five issues in Thunderbird, including a critical flaw
·      The popular cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta suffered a DNS attack
·      A Kernel Exploit for Sony PS4 Firmware 4.05 is available online
·      Hackers are attempting to breach Magento stores through the Mirasvit Helpdesk extension
·      Pavel Lerner, head of EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, was kidnapped in Ukraine
·      The Twitter account of the popular security expert John McAfee was hacked
· Responds Well To RootsWeb Data Breach
·      Huawei router exploit (CVE-2017-17215) involved in Satori and Brickerbot was leaked online
·      Info Stealing – The cyber security expert Marco Ramilli spotted a new operation in the wild
·      Samsung Android Browser is affected by a critical SOP bypass issue, a Metasploit exploit code is available
·      Two Romanians charged with infecting US Capital Police cameras with ransomware early this year
·      A 28-year-old Kansas man was shot and killed by police in a swatting attack
·      Chinese censorship – authorities have shut down 13,000 websites since 2015
·      Its a mystery, member of the Lurk gang admits creation of WannaCry ransomware for intelligence agencies


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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Newsletter)

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