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Pierluigi Paganini July 10, 2016

Today, thanks to the support of Aveek Sen, I have interviewed the hacker that goes online with the pseudonymous of s1ege.

s1ege is a member of the Ghost Squad and was one of earlier components of the AnonGhost hacker collective. The split occurred as Mauritania Attacker and few others of AnonGhost joined ISIS.

Enjoy the interview with s1ege!


What are your motivations? Why do you hack?

What motivates me is to fight any form of corruption on the internet and to eradicate the Islamic State from the internet, I hack out of curiosity and for a greater cause weather it is exposing the Islamic State or Exposing a corrupt government. Or exposing a single individual, for a greater cause.

What is your technical background and are you an IT professional?

Yes. I am a programmer I have been for years.

What would you change about the cybersecurity industry and why?

Security wise before anything is published with a computer of any sort there should be at least half a year of security tests done on the device. The same way they make sure a car is safe to drive they should do the same with devices… Vulnerabilities are to relevant and a threat to discard its reality in day to day life. Today’s society relies on individuals/companies wanting to publish their new invention offensively and never defensively leaving their devices wide open the world is finally after so many years realizing the cyber threats from lack of penetration testing.

Which are the most important tools in your hacking arsenal?

The code is the true hackers weapon manual hacking is true hacking, ethical or blackhat manual hacking in all its forms is the most deadly form of hacking.

What was your greatest hacking challenge?

My greatest hacking challenge is to illegal to admit. Sorry but I cannot answer that question.

What scares you the most on the internet?

I would say the Islamic State scares me the most, but my own government scares me more than anything. Our government is passing more laws in the dark making privacy a term of the past. Replacing security with surveillance. But second to that is the Islamic State and their recruit game on brainwashing mainstream-Muslims. For instance, the hackers in our dox on United Cyber Caliphate were once friends but once they turned ISIS forced us to fully become enemies. And it has risen since the split and from of GhostSquadHackers splitting from AnonGhost.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Hacker, s1ege)

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