SAP Download Manager flaw exposed user password

Pierluigi Paganini March 11, 2016

An attacker who manages to get access to a user’s configuration file for SAP Download Manager might be able to obtain the stored proxy password.

Are you a SAP user? Do you use the SAP Download Manager that allows downloading of software packages and support notes? You urgently need to update it in order to fix a serious vulnerability that could be exploited to expose your password.

According to experts at Core Security, a local attacker who is able to access the user’s configuration file in SAP Download Manager might be able to obtain the stored proxy password.

“SAP Download Manager [1] is a Java application offered by SAP that allows downloading software packages and support notes. This program stores the user’s settings in a configuration file. Sensitive values, such as the proxy username and password if set, are stored encrypted using a fixed static key” states the security advisory published by Core Security.

SAP Download Manager

The flaw affects the SAP Download Manager version up to 2.1.142 (released in October 2015), but experts at Core Security haven’t tested other products and versions.

“SAP system and BASIS administrators often use the SAP Download Manager program to download software packages and fixes. We found that this program stores credentials information on the local user’s directories using an encryption mechanism that can be easily bypassed.” said Core Security Consulting Services’ Martin Gallo who discovered the flaw.

“While recent versions of the program had stopped storing SAP’s Marketplace credentials, proxy authentication information is still kept on the program’s configuration file. This represents a risk on the enterprise environment where proxy authentication is integrated with other systems, for example using Active Directory’s credentials, if the configuration file is compromised,”

It is important to highlight that the SAP application implements encrypted storage of sensitive values, however some sensitive values, such as the user’s proxy password are stored with weak encryption.

SAP published the Security Note 2282338 accessible to its customers only.

The researchers at Core Security also published a proof of concept exploit code that is included in the advisory.

SAP has already fixed the problem and issued a new updated software this week.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – SAP, SAP Download Manager)

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