Security Affairs newsletter Round 42 – News of the week

Pierluigi Paganini January 11, 2016

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived!

The best news of the week with Security Affairs

Analyzing Ransom32, the first JavaScript ransomware variant
@FFD8FFDB Twitter bot spies on poorly configured cameras
Turkish hackers took over a Russian Govt Instagram account
Security Affairs newsletter Round 41 – News of the week
Mac OS X is the software with most vulnerabilities in 2015
BlackEnergy targets Ukrainian news media and electric industry
China hacked thousands of Hotmail accounts belonging to Tibetan and Uighur minorities
Discovered a new DB containing more than 56 million records of US Voters
The Sony PlayStation Network is down worldwide
Samsung presented GAIA, a security solution for Smart TVs
Black Hornet, the military nano drone small like an insect
Hackers cause power outage with malware in Ukraine. Is it an Information warfare act?
Dating scam package offered in the underground
Zerodium offers $100,000 for bypass Flash Player heap isolation
Final rule implements the Executive Order 13694. US can apply economic sanctions in response to cyber attacks
Security experts disclosed SCADAPASS, a list of default credentials for ICS and SCADA systems
Phantom Squad took credit for the PlayStation network outage
The Islamic State has a R&D where prepares missiles and hi-tech bombs
Silent Circle promptly patched a critical flaw in the Blackphone I
Resume files locked by Linux Encoder with Bitdefender decryption tool
Unpatched Drupal flaws open websites to attacks
Authors digitally signed Spymel Trojan to evade detection
Time Warner Cable security breach may have exposed 320K customers
PrivaTegrity might bring an end to Crypto Wars
Rovnix malware is threatening Japanese bank customers
Experts revealed that security camera vendors lack of security by design
iSight Partners says the Sandworm APT is involved Ukrainian power outage
DDoS attack on BBC may have reached 602Gbps, never so powerful
Clickjacking Campaign exploits the European Cookie Law
Islamic State launches the Kybernetiq magazine for cyber jihadists

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