Wikileaks releases CIA Director John Brennan emails

Pierluigi Paganini October 21, 2015

Wikileaks has obtained and immediately released the CIA Director John Brennan private emails. It is a first lot, others will be soon published.

A few days ago a teen has violated the CIA Director’s private email account and leaked sensitive files including a 47-page  Mr. Brennan’s application for top-secret security clearance.

The teenager also disclosed a partial Spreadsheet containing the supposed names, email addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers (SSNs) of 2,611 former and current government intelligence officials.

The young hacker explained that he used the “social engineering” to convince employees at Verizon into providing the CIA Director’s personal information and exploiting the AOL into resetting his password.

According to the young hacker, whom identity is still secret, the private email account contained the Social Security numbers and personal information of more than a dozen top American intelligence officials, as well as government messages related to the use of “harsh interrogation techniques” on terrorism suspects.

Now WikiLeaks, the non-profit, journalistic organization, that publishes secret information and classified media from anonymous sources has obtained the contents of CIA Director John Brennan’s emails and published it online.

Cia Director john_brennan email hacked Wikileaks

“Today, 21 October 2015 and over the coming days WikiLeaks is releasing documents from one of CIA chief John Brennan’s non-government email accounts. Brennan used the account occasionally for several intelligence related projects.” States Wikipedia.

The teenager also posted a partial Spreadsheet filled with the supposed names, email addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers (SSNs) of 2,611 former and current government intelligence officials.

The first lot of the CIA Director’s emails published by Wikileaks includes:

John Brennan Draft SF86 – the “National Security Position” form for John Brennan. (PDF).

The Analysis Corporation FAX from the General Counsel of the CIA to the Goverment Accountability Office about a legal quarrel between the CIA and “The Analysis Corporation”. (PDF)

Draft: Intel Position Paper – Challenges for the US Intelligence Community in a post cold-war and post-9/11 world; a calling for inter-agency cooperation(PDF).

The Conundrum of Iran – Recommendations to the next President (assuming office in Jan. 2009) on how to play the figures on the U.S.-Iranian Chessboard(PDF)

Torture – Letter from Vice Chairman Bond, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, to his fellow board members with a proposal on how to make future interrogation methods “compliant” and “legal”. Instead of listing all allowed methods, every kind of interrogation should be considered compliant, as long as it is not explicitly forbidden by the “Army Field Manual” (AFM). (May 2008) (PDF).

Torture Ways – A bill from July 2008 called “Limitations on Interrogation Techniques Act of 2008” explicitly list the forbidden interrogation techniques mentioned in the previous document and can be considered a direct implementation of the recommendations of Christopher Bond. (31 July 2008) (PDF)

Stay Tuned for further information and next releases of documents.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – CIA Director’s emails, Wikileaks)

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