Aerospace Probes released to stratosphere for spying weapons

Pierluigi Paganini September 27, 2015

A group of hackers is launching aerospace probes in the aim of spying on governments and organizations by collecting signals in the stratosphere.

A group of techies has recently created and tested an aerospace probe, so as to help gather a lot of data deriving from communication, leading to a whole new concept of how we can spy on governments and their weapons. The Critical Engineering group has made their goal public, offering hope to people who have been worried sick of the government and other organizations spying on them, without any option of returning the favor.

The aerospace probe is called the Deep Sweep and it will be used to scan the signals between the ground and stratosphere. In this way, all the signals that would otherwise remain out of reach can now be gathered neatly and used to the benefit of the probe’s holders. For further information on this project, you can click here and have a look at what the techies are saying about their breakthrough.

Aerospace Probes 4

“The three members of a socially motivated movement of technologists known as Critical Engineering have developed and begun testing an “aerospace probe” they call the Deep Sweep. The invention, described in their own detailed writeup, is a 1-foot-diameter acrylic orb packed with radio equipment and attached to a 8.2-foot diameter helium-filled weather balloon.” reported a blog post published by Wired.

Aerospace Probes 2

This is going to be low cost, as well – you can understand why the cost is a definitive factor, to say the least! The whole process of setting up the probe did not exceed $300 and, therefore it is an approachable expense and an investment that is going to attract the interest of many people out there. Using things like radios, antennas, SIM cards and insulated batteries, they have managed to put up something extraordinary.

Up till now, two major launches have taken place and the probe has succeeded partially in its goal.

Aerospace Probes 3

Even though this is certainly an optimistic project and the details are yet to be determined for making it a well-integrated solution, hopefully this gadget is going to help monitor governmental conversations and things like that – offering the same results as those emerging from high-cost gadgets and procedures followed by agencies in the government.

Below a video published by the group of researchers:

As an innovative idea, the Deep Sweep can be proven extremely helpful. In the near future, even more sophisticated gadgets can be brought to light. So, we ought to look at the aerospace probe with a pinch of salt, but always with the gratitude regarding its inspirational aim!

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