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Pierluigi Paganini September 20, 2015

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Lockerpin, the first known Android lock-screen ransomware
How did jihadists hack into top UK ministerial emails if no security breach took place?
Vodafone Australia has hacked a Fairfax journalist’s phone
SUCEFUL, the first multi-vendor ATM malware
Ashley Madison passwords like thisiswrong tap cheaters’ guilt and denial
Yokogawa patches widespread SCADA vulnerability
Are you using a smartwatch? Hackers could get your data
Infosec bunfight breaks out over unproven PayPal authent bug
Department of Energy hacked 159 times between 2010 and 2014
The VxWorks OS running also on the Curiosity Rover is flawed
Installation of Tor Relay in Library Attracts DHS Attention
Did GCHQ illegally spy on you? Now you can find out – from this page
Cybercrime costs UK businesses about £2.8 billion annually
SYNful_Knock malicious ROMMON images discovered in the wild
Security leaders need to explore before they can exploit
Attackers Replacing Firmware on Cisco Routers
Online Shop Selling Account Data Linked to CoreBot Malware
Microsoft joint force with NATO to improve EU Cybersecurity
New cybercrime wave drives IoT security spending
Xerox introduces printed-memory labels to fight counterfeiting
Russian Pleads Guilty in Major Hacking Case
Can an inevitable evil be conquered?
Hundreds million potential victims of a new advanced malvertising campaign
Facebook to Add a Dislike Button, Mark Zuckerberg Confirms
Darpa funded the research on the DUST Self-destruct chip
DARPA even more interested in software Obfuscation Solutions
WordPress Patches XSS, Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities
Cybercrim who fleeced students faces scramble to repay stolen cash
Unlock Android 5.x devices is very easy
Lets Encrypt Issues First Live Digital Certificate
Homeland Insecurity: OIG audit identifies numerous deficiencies
Where does security fit in bi-modal IT departments?
Researchers make easy work of Android lockscreen security
Cryptome founder revokes PGP keys after weird compromise
Scan of IPv4 Space for ‘Implanted’ Cisco Routers Finds Fewer Than 100
No-Tell Motel: Where Hospitality Meets Cybercrime On The Dark Web
Coinvault, are we reaching the end of the nightmare?
Bible apps are EVIL says John McAfee as he phishes legal sysadmins in real time
Darknet Is Full Of Criminals & Governments Giving TOR A Bad Name
Operation Iron Tiger, hackers target US Defense Contractors
Seven years of malware linked to Russian state-backed cyberespionage
A dangerous silent AirDrop attack is threatening Apple users
How to Detect IE Zero-day Exploit Used to Deploy Korplug Malware
The DUKES APT – 7 years of Russian state sponsored hacking
Dutch Police Arrest Alleged CoinVault Ransomware Authors
iOS AirDrop vulnerability allows for malware installation on Apple devices
Second Russian pleads guilty in record US data breach
SCREW YOU, FEDS! Dozen or more US libraries line up to run Tor exit nodes
Russian military attacked, possibly by Chinese cyber group
Security issues in DHS systems potentially exposes confidential data at risk
MWZLesson POS Trojan borrows code from other malware
Active malware campaign uses thousands of WordPress sites to infect visitors
New PoS Trojan Steals Card Data, Intercepts Browser Requests
MiniDuke, CosmicDuke APT Group Likely Sponsored By Russia
Britains FBI wants Five Eyes cosy hookups with infosec outfits
Law Enforcements Winning Week In Cybercrime
The Differences between Targeted Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats
Intrusion at makes for red faces at Red Hat
New Bug in Bugzilla Software Could Expose Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Thousands of legitimate WordPress sites are serving malware
Screenshot malware targeted innocent online poker players
Bugzilla CVE-2015-4499 flaw, be aware hackers could know all your bugs
Windows PCs Make Up 80% Of Mobile Network Infections
When a Hacker News Reader Tricked Me into visiting this Amazing Site (Dont Click at Work)
Is This Security-Focused Linux Kernel Really UnHackable?
D-Link firmware accidentally includes Code Signing Keys
Google to Disable Weak SSLv3 and RC4 Protocols to Boost Internet Security
w0rm hackers hacked another hacking crew
With Its First Android app, Apple tried to Kill Android Community, But Failed Badly!
Discovered a Reflected Filename Download flaw in LinkedIn
AVG Antivirus Plans to Collect & Sell Your Personal Data to Advertisers

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