Interpol is training Police officers to fight crime on the Darknet

Pierluigi Paganini August 04, 2015

Police officers from dozen countries have just completed the first training program on Darknets, Tor hidden services and illegal marketplaces.

Cybercrime becomes even more sophisticated and explores new technologies for its illegal activities. A growing problem for law enforcement agencies world worldwide is to track illegal activities in the Dark Web.

Not only cyber criminals, but also groups of terrorists are currently using the Deep Web stay under the radar and law enforcement are facing serious difficulties in investigating on their activities.

The Interpol is training police officers in the techniques adopted by criminals to operate in the Deep Web avoiding detection.

Last week, Interpol’s Cyber Research Lab completed the first training program, as part of the course the participant built its own private “Darknet” network simulating the management of an underground marketplace.

Silkroad Darknet

Marketplaces are essential components of the criminal ecosystem, they represent the places where groups of criminals can buy like and sell illegal product and services, including drugs, weapons, exploit kits and hacking services.

“Identifying the methods and strategies used by organized crime networks and individuals to avoid detection on the Darknet was the focus of a specialized training course hosted by the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation.

As part of the training, the first of its kind, INTERPOL’s Cyber Research Lab created its own private Darknet network, private crypto currency and simulated marketplace, recreating the virtual ‘underground’ environment used by criminals to avoid detection.” states the Interpol in an official statement announcing the training program.

The training program provided information on the darknet in the Tor Network, hidden services, black marketplaces and crypto currencies like the Bitcoin. They also role-played as sellers or buyers in simulated transactions and participated in “takedowns” of the simulated marketplaces.

“Darknets are fast emerging as the preferred trading venue for organized crime networks and individuals to carry out illicit activities,” explained Madan Oberoi, the director of Interpol’s Cyber Innovation and Outreach unit.

A new training course is scheduled for November in Brussels, with a separate training event also planned for senior law enforcement officers.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Darknet,  Interpol)

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