Anonymous hacked the website of the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz

Pierluigi Paganini February 07, 2015

The security portal revealed that Anonymous has taken over the website of the German politician Martin Schulz and has stolen sensitive data.

According to the exclusive information provided by the Greek security portal the hacktivist group Anonymous has taken over the official website of the German politician Martin Schulz.

An unknown person contacted Secnew’s journalists (via anonymous email), providing evidence clearly indicating that Martin Schulz’s official website ( was hacked by the hacktivists.

In Anonymous’s message explicitly refears the reasons of the cyber attack which are related to Greece political situation. Once again the effects of political and diplomatic instability, as usual, are also evident in the cyberspace.

President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz hacked

Martin Schulz is President of the European Parliament since 2012 and he has recently visited Athens in occasion of a meeting with Greece’s Prime Minister.

“Our greetings to Mr Martin Schulz that we are Anonymous as the Mr Martin Schulz has set a target to destroy Greece and then other countries, in any case the anonymous not support such policies from which they come from..those who follow such policies will confronting us .. Mr martin schulz was found on our target.” states the Anonymous mail.

Then, they are giving clear evidence of the cyberattack and more information about how they’ve managed to steal data from the website.
President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz hacked 2
President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz hacked 3

It seems that attackers run a SQL Injection attack against the Martin Schulz website, the hacktivists have stolen credentials and data from the back-end database and have defaced the website.

By exploiting the vulnerability discovered, the hackers have stolen sensitive data including administrator passwords that were also disclosed in PasteBin.

President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz hacked Pastebin
Below some of the data stolen by the hackers:
Vulnerability type: Sql injection
web application technology: Apache, PHP 5.2.17
back-end DBMS: MySQL 5.0

banner:    ‘5.1.73’

available databases [2]:
[*] information_schema

[*] usrdb_martiib9_v7redsys

Database: usrdb_martiib9_v7redsys
Table: userbw
| Column         | Type         |
| aktiv          | varchar(4)   |
| anrede         | varchar(4)   |
| benutzername   | varchar(50)  |
| berechtigungen | text         |
| bilder         | longtext     |
| email          | varchar(100) |
| entwurf        | varchar(4)   |
| id             | int(11)      |
| last_login     | datetime     |
| nachname       | varchar(50)  |
| passwort       | varchar(50)  |
| telefon        | varchar(30)  |
| titel          | varchar(20)  |

| vorname        | varchar(50)  |

[11:40:34] [INFO] fetching entries for table ‘userbw’ in database ‘usrdb_martiib
[11:40:34] [INFO] the SQL query used returns 1 entries
[11:40:35] [INFO] retrieved: ja
[11:40:36] [INFO] retrieved: Herr

The economic situation of the Greece is very complicated at the moment, the population is suffering economic hardships imposed by the European Union to allow the membership to the European community and avoid bankruptcy of the government.

The hacktivists, revealing their power, chose to clearly show their support to Greece, as the country is going through difficult times, accepting pressures by European officials.

Based on the evidence and data presented by Anonymous, security experts believe it’s possible for the hackers (under certain conditions) to deface the site – by receiving information and administrator passwords on the CMS – or spread malware through it.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Anonymous, Greece, Martin Schulz)

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