Alleged Lizard Squad members hacked Malaysia Airlines. Are They linked to the IS?

Pierluigi Paganini January 26, 2015

The Malaysia Airlines website was hacked by hackers that claimed to be from the Lizard Squad, but who referenced the IS and the cyber Cyber Caliphate.

The Malaysia Airlines website was hacked by alleged members of the popular collective “Lizard Squad”, the curious thing is that hackers also referenced Islamic State jihadists.

Malaysia Airlines released an official statement confirming its domain name had been compromised and hijacking visitors.  The company had reported the incident to Malaysian authorities.

“At this stage, Malaysia Airlines’ web servers are intact,” reported Malaysia Airlines.  “Malaysia Airlines assures customers and clients that its website was not hacked and this temporary glitch does not affect their bookings and that user data remains secured,” it said.

The Lizard Squad has reached a peak of popularity at Christmas, when a series of DDoS attacks have paralyzed networks of Sony PSN and Xbox Live.

In the following weeks, the group has proposed on the market the DDoS service Lizard Stresser, then some of its alleged members were arrested by the police, and finally the database of their DDoS tool was hacked and published online.

The question is … why Lizard Squad hacked the Malaysia Airlines?

Lizard Squad announced via Twitter the imminent disclosure of the database used by the official website of the company.

“Going to dump some loot found on servers soon.”

Lizard Squad Malaysian airlines

Visitors to the website were re-directed to another page displaying the message

“404 – Plane Not Found” – “Hacked by LIZARD SQUAD — OFFICIAL CYBER CALIPHATE”.

Lizard Squad Malaysian airlines 2

Experts speculate that the message refers to the loss of flight MH370 disappeared with 239 people aboard.

Which is the link with the Cyber Caliphate and ISIS? Some Media reports that the page displayed for the website defacement, in some countries, included the message “ISIS will prevail”.

Is it possible that Lizard Squad is supporting the same persons that have beheaded the Japanese security contractor Haruna Yukawa.

Malaysia is one of the nations in which the ISIS starts to collect numerous and troubling consensus, local authorities last week revealed they have detained 120 people suspected of linking with IS or planning to travel to Syria.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs – Malaysia , Lizard Squad)

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