Alleged Anonymous members leaked 13000 credentials for popular websites

Pierluigi Paganini December 28, 2014

A group of hackers claiming to be members of the collective Anonymous has released online a lot of 13,000 passwords and credit cards for popular websites.

Hackers claiming to be members of the popular group of hacktivists Anonymous have leaked more than 13,000 alleged credentials for some popular websites, including Amazon, Playstation Network and Xbox Live.
The group announced the data leakage through one of its Twitter accounts.

anonymous hacked 13k

The hackers published a text document, containing the stolen credentials, to the Internet file-sharing website Ghostbin. In time I’m writing the list of usernames and password has been removed, the experts that viewed the file confirmed that it contains also users’ credit card numbers and expiration dates.
It’s not clear when the data was stolen, anyway if the stolen record are valid it is another blow to the image of Sony and Microsoft. The Play Station Network and Xbox live service were brought down by the hackers of Lizard Squad on Christmas day, the reputation of both companies was seriously compromised. Nearly Xbox’s 48 million subscribers and PlayStation’s 110 million users were not able to access the services of the companies.

The Daily Dot website that reported the news has also provided a list of the websites associated with the credential leaks.
“Some of the most significant leaks came from online video gaming networks like Xbox Live, the Sony PlayStation Network, and There was information from accounts at Walmart, Amazon, and Hulu Plus, as well as keys to computer games like The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins, and a whole lot of porn sites.” reports The Daily Dot in a blog post.

The complete list is available on PasteBin at the following URL:

I believe that the hackers haven’t compromised the websites related to the stolen credentials. It is likely that the hacktivists have obtained them using a data stealer malware installed on victims’ machines  ( but this is out of the TTPs adopted by Anonymous members), but I think that the cache of credentials was obtained through the data breach of computers of a different criminal crew.

The Daily Dot also reported that some Anonymous members have denied any involvement of the popular group Anonymous. Doing a few searches on the Internet I found a post on PasteBin that sustains that stolen data are fake, below an abstract of its content that speculate on the alleged sources:
your massive leak broken up.
VPN Cyber Ghost Leaks first seen 2013
funny that the only place these show up is above, that goes for 40+ manually checked codes.
200+ UbiSoft Leaks first seen 2013
with partial matches here suggesting the leakforums leak was fake to start with.
13k virtual credit cards {VCC} first seen 2012
Brazzers Leaks from 2011->
playstation accounts
UFC tv
xbox live
actually comes up as netflix

It is important to understand the reason why these guys are disclosing fake data. Fake information causes damage to the reputation of the Anonymous collective, which will be the reaction of the main collective? Someone wants to throw mud on them to destroy their credibility.

In any case take care of your credentials, as precaution you can change your passwords for the impacted services, use different credentials for any web service also monitor your banking account paying attention to suspicious credit card transactions.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs –  Anonymous, data leakage)

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