The Hackers Conference 2013 – Hackers will Demonstrate Digital Dangers

Pierluigi Paganini August 18, 2013

This is the second edition of ‘The Hackers Conference’. Following the huge success of the conference last year the current edition of the conference brings back to you all the knowledge, all the fun in a better, grander way!

The Conference will be held in New Delhi, on the 25 of August 2013, and will get together industry leaders, Government representatives, Academia and underground Black-hat hackers to share knowledge and leading-edge ideas about information security and everything related to it.

The Hackers Conference is an unique event, where the best of minds in the hacking world, leaders in the information security industry and the cyber community along with policymakers and government representatives on cyber security meet face-to -face to join their efforts to co-operate in addressing the most topical issues of the Internet Security space.

The Hackers Conference

The recent disconcerting reports that that India was being spied upon by American intelligence agencies has opened an all new chapter in the cyber security space. The Hackers Conference 2013 will raise important questions on the threats that snooping posses and why all Internet Administrations and Regulatory Bodies be put out of US jurisdiction and under the UN control. The conference will also take up an issue that is equally concerning: Cyber Security Cooperation between South Asian Countries and ways to counter snooping and cyber threats.

Highlights of the Conference will be:

  1. Special session against Internet Censorship in India
  2. Samsung Smartphone Developer will Turn Android device into a Spy Bug
  3. US hackers demonstrating breaching of SSL security layer in 30 Seconds
  4. Researcher from Singapore will showcase Mobile Security testing tools
  5. Researchers will demonstrate the Digital Forensics of WeChat like suspicious apps.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Prasad Kariyawasam: High Commissioner for Sri Lanka to India
  • Virag Gupta: Supreme Court Advocate
  • K C Singh, Former Secretary, Min. of External Affairs
  • Dinesh O. Bareja, CEO at Open Security Alliance

Technical Sessions:

  • S. P. T. Krishnan, Scientist, Strategic Thrust Leader (Mobile Security) – Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore “STAMP – Security Testing Arsenal for Mobile Platforms
  • Mayank Raj Jaiswal, Smartphone software developer in Samsung R&D and Android Hacker “Droid Surveillance – Backdoors in popular Android applications
  • Ali Pabrai, CEO ecfirst, MSEE, CISSP (ISSAP, ISSMP) Security+ Certified and member of the U.S. InfraGard (FBI) “Unit 61398 Cyber Attacks from Shanghai: Prepared?
  • Security researchers Angelo Prado , Yoel Gluck, and Neal Harris “BREACH: SSL, gone in 30 seconds
  • Aman Srivastava, Hacker and Researcher “Bitcoins, Bad Guys and The Black Market
  • Parth Shukla, Information Security Analyst, AusCERT, Australia  – “India in the Carna Botnet: Cyber threat to a growing Economy
  • Aditya Gupta and Subho Halder – Mobile Security Researchers – “Developing advanced malwares using Andorid Framework for Exploitation [AFE]

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