Security Affairs newsletter Round 375 by Pierluigi Paganini

Pierluigi Paganini July 24, 2022

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FBI seized $500,000 worth of bitcoin obtained from Maui ransomware attacks
SonicWall fixed critical SQLi in Analytics and GMS products
Account lockout policy in Windows 11 is enabled by default to block brute force attacks
Hackers breached Ukrainian radio station to spread fake news about Zelensky ‘s health
Candiru surveillance spyware DevilsTongue exploited Chrome Zero-Day to target journalists
TA4563 group leverages EvilNum malware to target European financial and investment entities
Threat actors target software firm in Ukraine using GoMet backdoor
Lightning Framework, a previously undetected malware that targets Linux systems
Atlassian patched a critical Confluence vulnerability
Apple fixes multiple flaws in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS devices
8220 Gang Cloud Botnet infected 30,000 host globally
New Luna ransomware targets Windows, Linux and ESXi systems
Million of vehicles can be attacked via MiCODUS MV720 GPS Trackers
EU warns of risks of spillover effects associated with the ongoing war in Ukraine
Belgium claims China-linked APT groups hit its ministries
CloudMensis spyware went undetected for many years
Russia-linked APT29 relies on Google Drive, Dropbox to evade detection
Crooks create rogue cryptocurrency-themed apps to steal crypto assets from users
Several apps on the Play Store used to spread Joker, Facestealer and Coper malware
MLNK Builder 4.2 released in Dark Web – malicious shortcut-based attacks are on the rise
Tor Browser 11.5 is optimized to automatically bypass censorship
A massive cyberattack hit Albania
Watch out for the CVE-2022-30136 Windows NFS Remote Code Execution flaw
Graff paid a $7.5M ransom and sued its insurance firm for refusing to cover this payment
Crooks stole $375k from Premint NFT, it is one of the biggest NFT hacks ever
Google is going to remove App Permissions List from the Play Store
Security Affairs newsletter Round 374 by Pierluigi Paganini
APT groups target journalists and media organizations since 2021

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Pierluigi Paganini

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