Security Affairs newsletter Round 368 by Pierluigi Paganini

Pierluigi Paganini June 05, 2022

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Anonymous: Operation Russia after 100 days of war
GitLab addressed critical account take over via SCIM email change
LuoYu APT delivers WinDealer malware via man-on-the-side attacks
Clipminer Botnet already allowed operators to make at least $1.7 Million
Alert! Unpatched critical Atlassian Confluence Zero-Day RCE flaw actively exploited
Microsoft blocked Polonium attacks against Israeli organizations
LockBit ransomware attack impacted production in a Mexican Foxconn plant
Conti leaked chats confirm that the gang’s ability to conduct firmware-based attacks
An international police operation dismantled FluBot spyware
A critical RCE flaw in Horde Webmail has yet to be addressed
New XLoader Botnet version uses new techniques to obscure its C2 servers
Experts uncovered over 3.6M accessible MySQL servers worldwide
China-linked TA413 group actively exploits Microsoft Follina zero-day flaw
Hive ransomware gang hit Costa Rica public health service
SideWinder carried out over 1,000 attacks since April 2020
Microsoft shared workarounds for the Microsoft Office zero-day dubbed Follina
Experts warn of ransomware attacks against government organizations of small states
Three Nigerian men arrested in INTERPOL Operation Killer Bee
A new WhatsApp OTP scam could allow the hijacking of users’ accounts
Multiple Microsoft Office versions impacted by an actively exploited zero-day
GoodWill Ransomware victims have to perform socially driven activities to decryption their data
EnemyBot malware adds new exploits to target CMS servers and Android devices
Pro-Russian hacker group KillNet plans to attack Italy on May 30
US man sentenced to 4 years in prison for his role in Infraud scheme

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