Hackers accessed staff mailboxes at Italian bank Monte dei Paschi

Pierluigi Paganini April 11, 2020

Monte dei Paschi, one of the biggest Italian banks, suffered a cyber attack, hackers accessed the mailboxes of some employees and sent emails to clients.

Italian state-owned bank Monte dei Paschi discloses a security breach, hackers have accessed the mailboxes of some employees and sent emails to clients.

The news was reported by the Reuters that seen a notice sent by the Italian bank to its customers.

According to the notice, the attack took place on March 30 when some messages with voice mail attachments had been sent.

“Monte dei Paschi told clients in the notice that on March 30 some messages with voice mail attachments had been sent as a result of the cyber attack.” reports the Reuters.

“The notice to customers made no mention of any breach of company data. It did not say what if any information had been asked for, or if any customers had suffered any loss as a result of the emails.”

monte dei paschi

At the time it is not clear if attackers have stolen company data and the bank did not provide technical details of the cyber attack.

In Italy, the lockdown adopted by the government due to the Coronavirus outbreak has forced people to work from home increasing their online presence and consequent exposure to online threats attempting to exploit the interest in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many banks have warned that customers have already been the victims of cyber attacks by crooks posing as banks, government and even health service.

In the recent weeks users have been targeted by Coronavirus-themed phishing campaign and malspam aimed at delivering malware.

In recent weeks, security firms and experts reported numerous Coronavirus-themed attacks, Microsoft shared new threat intelligence on malicious activities during the pandemic.

Despite threat actors are exploiting the current coronavirus pandemic to target users, Microsoft reported it hasn’t observed any spike in malware activity in this period, it only observed a change of lures.

Italian police also warned of an increase in cybercrime and recommended citizens to remain vigilant, especially when received COVID-19-themed emails.

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Pierluigi Paganini

(SecurityAffairs – Monte dei Paschi, Coronavirus)

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